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Theater Windmühle - teatro de molino de viento

Tuncay Gary
0170 21 17 49 3
Language skills:
english, german, turkish
Company / freelancer profile:
Tuncay Gary, born in Kars (Turkey), actor for film and theater, poet, theater author, director and dramaturge.

Tuncay Gary plays, among others, at the Burgtheater in Vienna, the Deutsches Theater and the Maxim Gorki Theater. It excels in plays by Goethe, Shakespeare, Molière and Cervantes as well as in productions by contemporary authors.

Regardless of his commitments, he is the founder of the »Theater Windmühle - Teatro de molino de viento ". He produces his own pieces for children and adults with »Die Mehmet-Show« and »Don Quijote & Sancho Pansa«.

Not only as an actor and dramaturge is his work with her adolescents at heart: in 2015 he founds the Literaturwerkstatt and the Theaterwerkstatt. Here, children and young people from a socially disadvantaged environment learn about love.

He brings his passion for words into prose texts and poems as well as in his program
"Poetry & Dance by Rajaa and Tuncay". In this, the audience experiences lyric poetry, embedded in oriental dance and live music.

For his poetry, Gary received the lyric prize of Young Life Berlin in 1996. In 2014 he was nominated for the honorary prize of "Levure Littéraire Poetry-Performance".

As an actor, Tuncay Gary has been committed to human rights for years. For Amnesty International, he is fighting against torture and violence in the cinema and on the Internet. "I am not the murderer," he sensitizes the theater audience for the genocide of the Armenians.

Parity check at the ZAV (then ZBF)
The floor school for the performing arts
Teaching at Hans Falckner, Hermann van Harten, Sprechtechnik at Ilse Böttcher
Schauspielworkshop with Yilmaz Onay, Schauspielworkshop with Matthew Burton
Further education iSFF, Uwe Bünker (film / TV), Maurici Farrè (theater), Katharina Koschny (microphones)

Theater plays & scripts

A children's theater play in German and Spanish, Don Quixote & Sancho Panza
A children's theater play in German and Spanish Don Quijote & Dulcinea
A play about oriental religion, philosophy, violence, love and wine in German and Akkadian The Mehmet-Show
An oriental Varieté Dinner Show in German Asrar - The Secret
Hyperion on Bellarmin a treatment of Holderlin's Hyperion


Klak Publisher Blauflügel Jägerliest Poems
Chichili Agency I'm not the stranger poems
Colophon smoke poems
Elif Verlag My wild dream against the time poems

TV & Cinema (selection)

2015 100 years of genocide * Director: Ara Mnatsakanyan
2015 Amnesty International - My Body My Rights * Director: Joel Juschka * ChorusArt Prductions
2015 Where do you want to go, Habibi? * Director: Tor Iben * Duellmann Filmproduktion
2011 Money, Money * Director: Songül * Vural Imagefilm-prod
2010 Cold Star * Director: Kai Stänicke * HFF Potsdam
2007 Tembûr * Director: Hannes Treiber * Hamburg Media School
2006 Fabulae Amoris * Director: Jana Godintschuk * DFFB, Arial Film
2004 Venussian Tabutasco Director: Daryush Shokof Ahojfilm
2002 Alemanya Directed by: Sava? Ceviz * box! Movie
2002 Mission Impissebel * Director:? Ükriye Dönmez
2000 Amnesty International * Director: Anca Munteanu-Rimnic * New Sentimental Movie / Pentagon
2000 Clinic Center * Director: Ulrich Zrenner * HÖNIX FILM + PRO 7
2000 GZSZ * Director: Ulf Borchardt * Grundy UFA TV production
1999 A strong team * Director: Konrad Sabrautzky * WUF + ZDF
1998 Daddel * Directed by: Ruven Bremke * DFFB
1998 Tschukanjon * Director: Gregor Grunenberg * Staatsl. School of Optics and Phototechnics
1994 Sonnenstich * Director: María Sólrún Sigurðardóttir
1991 Downhill tour * Director: Bernd Schade / Michael Gerull

Theater (selection)

2016 Nathan der Weise Director: Friederike v. Krosigk Ensemble Theatrum Castle Hohenerxleben
2013 Sherlock Holmes: The Dog of Baskerville Director: Julian Tyrasa Comédie Soleil
2012-14 Asrar - The Mystery Book and Director: Tuncay Gary Madi Tent of the Senses
2012 Sommernachtstraum Director: Michael Klemm Comédie Soleil
2012 Erotic fairy tale Madi tent of the senses
2010 The Perfect Human Director: Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes Hebbel on the shore (HAU2)
2010 The magic ring Madi tent of the senses
2010-12 Bedouins Madi tent of the senses
2010 Berliner Prozess 1921 Director: Tuncay Gary Hebbel on the shore (HAU1)
2010 The Sorcerous Director: Eddy Neumann Madi Tent of the Senses
2009 Bazaar Director: Jürgen R. Weber Madi Tent of the senses
2009 Disclosure Director: Yasmina Ouakidi T-Werk Potsdam
2009 The wedding of the Wesir Madi tent of the senses
2008 Don Quijote & Sancho Pansa ... Director: Tuncay Gary T-Werk Potsdam
2007 The Mehmet Show by Tuncay Gary and Cem Sultan Ungan and others Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1)
2006 Çilgin Yenge Director: Baris Eren Tiyatrom - Turkish theater
2006 On an autumn day somewhere by P. Kadivar Pergamonmuseum Museum of Islamic Art
2003-05 Transdanubia-Dreaming Director: Nicolas Brieger Burgtheater Akademietheater Wien
2001-02 The heroine of Potsdam Director: Volker Hesse Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin
2001 Family Gorki Director: Katharina Thalbach Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin
2000 Mittsommernachtstraum Director: Matthew Burton State Theater Cottbus, Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt
1999 Suzuki 2 Director: Thomas Ostermeier German Theater Baracke Berlin, Théâtre National de Strasbourg
1997 Suzuki 1 Director: Thomas Ostermeier German Theater Baracke Berlin, Théâtre National de Strasbourg
1998 Vermummte Director: Marbo Becker Künstlerhaus am Karlsplatz Vienna
1997 Sommernachtstraum Director: Matthias Diem Freilichtbühne citadel Berlin
1996 Kardan and Leylaki Director: Lambert Blum Diyalog Turkish culture ensemble
1996 Jacob & the Thief, who did not suffer. Director: Metin Tekin Tiyatrom - Turkish Theater
1996 School of Women Director: Matthew Burton Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
1995 Boomerang Directed by Lübomir Stefanow FEZ Wuhlheide
1995 Violence Director: Yilmaz Onay Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
1995 Sophies Nacht Director: Annette Steiert Theater in the Hotel Sorat
1994 Dr. Hackers end director: Anton Dick-Boldes Jakob van Hoddis theater
1993 The Amazons Director: Zeno Stanek / Martin Wall Castle Hungen
1993 Full on the roll Director: Yalçin Güzelce Tiyatrom - Turkish theater
1993 Not paid Director: Yilmaz Onay Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
1992 Urfaust Director: Anton Dick-Boldes Diyalog Turkish culture ensemble


Amnesty International (Spot Against Torture)
Trauma Director: Anca Munteanu-Rimnic New Sentimental Film Berlin / Pentagon
Finalist Certificate at the New York Festival 2001

Synchronous & Speaker (selection)

2014 The guy is gone Director: Senny Rapoport
2011 Empirical Educational Research Freie Universität Berlin
2011 Telekom Hastings Music GmbH
2010 Law & Order UK Director: Michael Brennicke Dubbing Brothers Germany
2009 Feierlich reist Directed by: Tom Tykwer Herbstfilm
2009 The International Director: Tom Tykwer Christa Kistner Synchron
2008 Evet, ich will Directed by: Sinan Akkus LunaFilm
1997 Gadjo Dilo - Loved Stranger Berlin Synchchron AG


Wedding Maturation
Sylvester Gala in the Madi tent of the senses
Don Quixote & Sancho Pansa (on street parties)
Schützütenfest Mariannenplatz
Madi tent of the senses (various shows like summer festival and company events)
Long night of comedy
Dance school Azucar

Directing and dramaturgy

The Mehmet show by Tuncay Gary
Don Quijote & Sancho Pansa from Tuncay Gary to Cervantes
Asrar The secret of Tuncay Gary
The misunderstanding of Albert Camus

Further qualifications and activities

Theater management and board in the Turkish cultural ensemble? Diyalog e.V.
Literary co-operation and publications in various literary magazines
Literary Prize for Lyric by Young Life Berlin e.V.
Directed in the mosaic e.V. for Albert Camus The misunderstanding
Teaching lessons for beginners
Assistant director in the bat? Studiotheater of the Ernst Busch College for Hans Henny Jahnn Poverty, wealth, man and beast
Creation and directing of a documentary film NoMann`s Laden
Studied media informatics at the Technische Fachhochschule Berlin
Founder of the Theater Windmühle - Teatro de molino de viento.

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