filming in the time of corona

Filming in times of corona

Filming in Berlin is allowed, according to the current SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Regulations. Film productions are obliged to follow the hygiene and health protection rules published and developed by the BG ETEM (the Government Safety Organization/Association).

According to the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality, also the new SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance of March 27, 2021 does not prevent filming.

Basically: For all productions - large or small - a hygiene and health concept is mandatory, which is drawn up by the hygiene officer(s) or the occupational safety specialist and supervised by a authorized person.  

(See also: 1st part - Basic duties, protection and hygiene rules, § 1 Basic duties, paragraph 5)

Rules of the Government Safety Organization/Association BG ETEM

Entry of foreign filmmakers in times of Corona

For commercials and international co-productions, it is often necessary that filmmakers from non-Schengen countries have to travel to Germany.
In this case, it must be explained to the authorities why the entry is absolutely necessary for production.
We recommend to reach out to the Presidium of the Federal Police in advance and submitting the appropriate declaration, as otherwise there may be problems entering the country at the airport. This declaration usually has to be given by the business partner or employer based in Germany.

The full declaration is available for download from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs under the following link Declaration of the absolute necessity of business travel of short duration and must be sent to the Federal Police .

The processing time is currently at least 1 week - due to the high number of applications longer deadlines to be expected.

Quarantine regulation after entering Germany:

People travelling from a high risk country to Germany need to adhere a 10-days quarantine. This period can be shorten by provding a negative test at the earliest opportunity after 5 days.

After a stay in a virus variant area, the quaratine extends to 14 days and cannot be shortened.

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