filming with weapons and uniforms

basic information about filming with weapons:

For shooting with gas and blank firearms outside of peacetime property and business premises, the following regulation applies according to the Arms Act (Waffengesetz) of April 1, 2003:

All persons who carry a gas or terror firing weapon (abbreviated SRS weapon) in public must have a so-called small weapon license. Otherwise, carrying the weapon is a criminal offense and imprisonment up to 3 years.


In Berlin, filming with weapons is done as follows:

The SRS weapons must be transported to the location. I.e. they do not have to be transported ready to fire, i.e. unloaded, not ready for access, in a weapon case or similar container, and can be reached with more than a few simple steps.
Is there a special use permit for the location? §11 BerlStrG (and possibly other necessary permits / exemptions) have been issued, it can be assumed, if the area is effectively blocked off by third parties (with blocking aids / access control), that it is a matter of pacified property under these conditions.
If an actor is filmed with an SRS weapon at such a location (cf. 2), there is no weapon-based guiding.

Explanations and contact persons for the weapons authority (LKA 514) and more information on the small gun license


In the State fof Brandenburg the responsable gun authority is the police headquarters.

The contact and licensor for filming with weapons is the legal department of the police directorate of the police headquarters, which is locally responsible for your main residence.

police departments in the state of Brandenburg:

police directorate north (counties: Oberhavel, Ostprignitz-Ruppin and Prignitz)

police directorate east (counties: Uckermark, Barnim, Märkisch-Oderland and Oder-Spree as well as the independent city of Frankfurt (Oder))

police directorate south (counties: Dahme-Spreewald, Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Spree-Neiße and Elbe-Elster and the independent city of Cottbus)

police directorate west  (counties: Potsdam- Mittelmark, Havelland, Teltow- Fläming as well as the independent city of Brandenburg an der Havel and state capital Potsdam)

application forms (in German only)

filming with uniforms

Filming with uniforms in public spaces is only possible at locked locations.
The use of the "costume - uniform" at the cordoned off location does not require separate approval.
Wearing the uniforms by the performers in unblocked areas is not permitted!

please note:

Since the official language is German, you will need an experienced German speaking production manager for more complex procedures who can fill out the forms and can clarify any questions concerning the shooting permits. You will find a list of production and location managers in our database.

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