filming with flashing lights

Please note:

Since the official language is German, you will need an experienced German speaking production manager for more complex procedures who can fill out the forms and can clarify any questions concerning the filming permits. You will find a list of production and location managers in our database.


The central road traffic authority of Berlin  issues an exception according to Section 46 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Flashing light driving is generally only permitted in cordoned off areas.

For application please use this form (in German only): 

  • in individual cases: 40.00 euros
  • Film project with several locations: 60.00 euros


Flashing light driving in a restricted area does not require a separate permit. If the flashing of blue lights takes place in flow traffic, a permit must be obtained from the responsible lower road traffic authority of the district of the filming location.

Application form: Berlin (in German only)

contact: bbfc

Film location Berlin Brandenburg 2020