occupational safety

Law on the implementation of occupational health and safety measures to improve the safety and health protection of employees at work

§ 3 basic obligations of the employer
  1. The employer is obliged to take the necessary occupational safety measures, taking into account the circumstances that affect the safety and health of employees at work. He must check the effectiveness of the measures and, if necessary, adapt them to changed circumstances. In doing so, he has to improve the safety and health protection of employees.
  2. The employer has to plan and implement the measures according to paragraph 1, taking into account the type of work and the number of employees
    ​​​​1. to ensure a suitable organization and to provide the necessary funds
    as well as
    2. take precautions to ensure that the measures are considered in all activities and integrated into the operational management that the employees fulfill their duty to cooperate.
  3. The employer may not impose the costs of measures on the employees.

Rules of the Government Safety Organization/Association BG ETEM

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