Fixed power supply for filming

Generators on set soil the environment and trouble residents - alternatives have so far been costly and time-consuming. In Berlin, a short-term fixed power connection can be obtained from an authorized electrical service provider. When considering the locations of the technical and supply vehicles, access points for a fixed power supply of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH should be also taken in account.  


  • Green filming: (eco) electricity instead of diesel
  • Immense CO2 reduction
  • No noise development (Conflict avoidance: Residents are not disturbed by generator noise!)
  • No emissions

Authorized electrical service providers in Berlin

Other companies are to follow!

Find the cable distribution box (KVS) of Stromnetz Berlin

Each KVS is usually located on public roads and identified as the property of Stromnetz Berlin due to a KVS number.

In addition to the KVS from Stromnetz Berlin, there can be boxes from other companies. If in doubt, consult the responsible electrician. As an alternative, there are also underfloor connections in selected areas – mostly in the city center - of Stromnetz Berlin.

Application / deadlines in Berlin

Applicant towards Stromnetz Berlin is generally the executiving electrician. In consultation, the company needs about 14 days in advance, the processing of the application at Stromnetz Berlin will usually take 3-5 days in the future.

In addition to the application fees, the executing electrician charges costs for connections and material!

Should the execution of an order...

  1. ...not be possible through authorized electrician (e.g. lack of capacity at the electrician's company), a connection can still be commissioned by the network operator using the "old procedure" (with an intermediate service provider) at the previously known costs.
  2. carried out by the network operator themselves due to network/security reasons on the part of Stromnetz Berlin (without an intermediary service provider), the costs for this can be found in the table under items 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06.

Green electricity

Please note that after concluding the contract with the electricity supplier, the production has to commission the supply of green electricity!


Fixed power supply in Brandenburg

We are currently working on agreements with the network operators of Brandenburg. We will keep you posted.