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To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location manager in our database.


Aviation act

The aviation law must be considered for any kind of photography from aircrafts (this also includes drones and other unmanned aviation equipment).


Minimum flight altitude of manned aviation equipment

The minimum flight altitude in Germany is determined by the SERA (Standardized European Rules of the Air). It is part of the regulations for visual flights. The minimum flight altitude is an absolute size, which can only be undercut during takeoff and landing

  • Minimum flight altitude for flights above cities or other densely populated areas and outdoor crowds: 300 m (1000 ft ) above the highest obstacle within a 600 m radius
  • In all other cases: 150 m (500 ft) above the ground

Exception of minimum flight altitude

When filming from helicopters or airplanes, it is often necessary to fall below the minimum flight altitude. This requires an exceptional permit from the responsible aviation authority in the federal states. 

According to "§ 37 minimum safety altitude for flights according to visual flight rules" of the Air Traffic Regulations, the country's relevant aviation authority for individual flights or a number of flights can make exceptions to the minimum flight altitudes prescribed in Annex SERA.5005 letter f of Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012 allow, insofar as is necessary for the respective purpose and thereby does not endanger public safety and order." The exemption is linked to additional regulations.
The common aviation authority Berlin and Brandenburg (LUBB) will be responsible for Berlin and Brandenburg.


Filming with drones (unmanned flying objects)

Filming with drones requires a special permit. The usage of drones on set must be taken into account and specified in the applications. The district offices or municipalities often own the area over which the drones are to take off and land and therefore an inquiry must be made regarding permission to ascend.

EU regulations for drones:

Filming with drones - regulations in Berlin and Brandenburg

Detailed information, as well as the application and permit procedure for the ascent of unmanned aircrafts or drones in Berlin or Brandenburg, can be found on the website of the common aviation authority Berlin and Brandenburg (LUBB) (in German only).


Restricted flight areas in Berlin and Brandenburg

"In Berlin and Brandenburg, there are two flight restriction areas (so-called ED-R) in which the operation of aircrafts - including unmanned aerial vehicles - is prohibited.


  • ED-R 4 (Wannsee) encompasses a circle with a radius of 2 NM (3.7 km) around the Helmholtz Center Berlin (Wannsee) for Materials and Energy (HZB)
  • ED-R 146 (Berlin) includes a circle with a radius of 3 NM (5.556 km) around the point 523107 N 132234 O.

    In ED-R 146 (Berlin) the commercial operation of unmanned aircraft systems is subject to the requirements of the notices to aviators NfL 1-2128-20 permitted. If you do not meet the conditions of the general decree, you need a fly-through permit from the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAF).

    As part of your flight preparations, please note that additional flight restriction areas - eg ED-R Humboldt - may be set up at short notice, especially for state visits with a special security situation. For projects in these flight restricted areas, a transit permit from the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAF) may first have to be obtained." (quoted and googletranslated from:

Exceptions to the prohibition in ED-R 4 and ED-R 146 can only be approved by the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAF).
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Proof of knowledge / "drone license"