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Since the official language is German, you will need an experienced German speaking production manager for more complex procedures who can fill out the forms and can clarify any questions concerning the shooting permits. You will find a list of production and location managers in our database.


Aviation act

The aviation law must be considered for every photography from aircrafts (this also includes drones and other unmanned aviation equipment).


Minimum flight altitude of manned aviation equipment

In Germany, the minimum flight altitude is determined by the SERA (Standardized European Rules of the Air). It is part of the regulations for visual flights. The minimum flight altitude is an absolute size, which only can be undercut during takeoffs and landings.

  • Flights above cities or other densely populated areas and outdoor crowds
    Minimum flight altitude: 300 m (1000 ft ) above the highest obstacle within a 600 m radius
  • In all other cases
    minimum flight altitude: 150 m (500 ft) above the ground

Exception of minimum flight altitude

When filming from helicopters or airplanes, it is often necessary to fall below the minimum flight altitude. This requires an exceptional permit from the responsible aviation authority in the federal states. 

According to "§ 37 minimum safety altitude for flights according to visual flight rules" of the Air Traffic Regulations, the country's competent aviation authority for individual flights or a number of flights can make exceptions to the minimum flight altitudes prescribed in Annex SERA.5005 letter f of Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012 allow, insofar as this is necessary for the respective purpose and thereby does not endanger public safety and order." The exemption is linked to additional provisions.
The common aviation authority  Berlin and Brandenburg (LUBB)  will be responsible for Berlin and Brandenburg.


Filming with drones (unmanned flying objects)

Filming with Drones requieres a special permit. The fact that drones are used on the set must be taken into account and specified in the applications. The district offices or municipalities are often the owner of the area on which the drones are supposed to start and land and therefore have to inquire about the ascent permit.

"The most important regulations at a glance:" 
(See: BMVI - The new drone regulation, as of March 2020, published by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure)

  • If you only use your flying object on a model flying site, you are allowed to do that. However, drones or model aircraft with weight more than 0.25 kg must be provided with a sticker with the name and address of the owner.
  • Owners of drones or model aircraft with weights more than 2.0 kg must prove special knowledge in addition to the badge. Evidence is either issued after a test by a body recognized by the Federal Aviation Office or, in the case of model aircraft, by an air sports association after a briefing.
  • Owner of drones or model airplanes weighing more than 5.0 kg require an additional landowner's permission, which is granted by the country's aviation authorities.
  • Drones may only exceed to an altitude of 100 m with an official exemption. This can be requested from the state aviation authorities. For the application, the controllers of drones or model aircraft generally require proof of knowledge.
  • In general, drones and model aircrafts may only be flown in sight .
  • The general rule is: drones or model aircraft must always avoid manned aircraft.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden:

  • to cause any hindrance or danger,
  • to operate a drones or model aircraft in and over sensitive areas such as locations of police and hospitals, prisons, crowds of people, main traffic routes, arrival and    departure areas of airfields,
  • to opperate a drone or a model aircraft weighing more than 0.25 kg over residential property. Same for flying objects (regardless of its weight) which are able to receive,  transmit or record optical, acoustic or radio signals."

Filming with drones - regulations in Berlin and Brandenburg

Detailed information and the application and permit procedure in Berlin or Brandenburg and about the two flight restriction areas can be found on the website of the common aviation authority  Berlin and Brandenburg (LUBB).

Here are a few recommendations of the LUBB:

  • When approving filming with drones, the LUBB does not differentiate between commercial and non-commercial projects. All drone flights are treated equally in the approval process. 
  • The LUBB points out that - even if the drones are under 5 kg - they do not require permit approval by the property owner, via which the drone should fly and film.
  • In addition, the police section responsible for the location had to be informed about the use of drones. Since the use of drones has to be indicated in the application form for filming on public street land, this is done as part of the hearing process by the central road traffic authority.


Restricted flight areas in Berlin and Brandenburg

"In Berlin and Brandenburg there are two restricted areas (so-called ED-R) in which the operation of aircraft - including unmanned aerial vehicles - is prohibited.

  • ED-R 4 comprises a circle with a radius of 2 NM (3.7 km) around the Helmholtz Center Berlin (Wannsee) for materials and energy (HZB)
  • ED-R 146 comprises a circle with a radius of 3 NM (5.556 km) around the Bundestag (Reichstag building); - Circular around the Bundestag, at the corner of Tempelhofer Damm / intersection Ringbahnstraße

Exceptions to the prohibition in ED-R 4 and ED-R 146 can only be approved by the Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Traffic Control (BAF).

On January 28, 2016, the Federal Inspectorate for Air Traffic Control announced a general order for issuing flight permits in regards of flights with unmanned aerial vehicles by the flight restriction area ED-R 146 (Berlin) (NfL I-657-16). Thereafter, the permit to fly through the flight restriction area ED-R 146 with unmanned aerial vehicles is considered granted if certain conditions are met. For details, please check here

Further information and the application procedure can be found on the website of the Federal Air Traffic Control Authority ." (quoted and translated after: LBV )


Proof of knowledge / drone license