Filming on highways

Please note

To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location managers in our database.



You do not need a permit if you plan to shoot the following:

  • Filming inside vehicles that do not interfere with traffic. If filming takes place in moving traffic, please note that traffic rules must always be observed. A minimum speed of 60 km / h must be maintained on motorways.

The following are subject to approval:


  • In the event of particular situations of potential danger, such as accidents or state visits etc., an already issued permit can be withdrawn on short notice ( §44 (2) STVO in German only).
  • During filming, it must be ensured that all vehicles are approved for traffic. Trailing axles (trailers) are generally only permitted up to a load of 800 kg.
  • The filming permit as well as the necessary approvals and exemptions permits (according to  §46 STVO in German only) are to be present on site at all times. Official number plates must be visible on the vehicles.


The responsible authority for filming on motorways in Berlin is: 

Please note:

  • Due to the high traffic congestion on Berlin's city motorways, filming that will have an impact on general traffic is only possible at night or on Sundays. Some particular sections of the route might also be available between 9:00 and 13:00 on weekdays.
  • Overtaking scenes, night shots with headlights and flashing lights also require an exemption, which is issued by the central film office of the SenUVK. Details of the execution must be coordinated with the motorway police.
  • The establishment of base camps and filming at rest areas must be coordinated with the central film office of the SenUVK. Entrances and exits to the motorway cannot be blocked under any circumstances.

The following places are available for setting up base camps:

  • Parking at the Hoher Bogen footbridge on Rudolstädter Straße in Wilmersdorf
  • Parking at the petrol station Mecklenburgische Straße (Heidelberger Platz) in Wilmersdorf
  • Parking at the Sachsendamm swimming pool in Schöneberg
  • Parking spaces at the Avus-Nordkurve or at the Deutschlandhalle in Charlottenburg for filming on the Avus

In order to coordinate filming, the highway patrol require a filming schedule stating:

  • desired location
  • date
  • time
  • duration
  • possibly production number and working title
  • description of contents and script excerpt
  • responsible contact person in production

Application deadline:

The processing time usually takes two weeks. If shooting requires a high degree of coordination it may take longer.


The State Roads Authority of Brandenburg is responsible for filming on motorways in the State of Brandenburg.