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To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location managers in our database.


Approval process

Filming with animals needs to be approved according to § 11 paragraph 1 No. 8b and 8d of the Animal Welfare Act (Tierschutzgesetzes) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The approval can be acquired by the responsible veterinary and food surveillance office.

The responsibility depends on the residence of the respective animal owner.

Please submit the approval of each individual keeper. The same applies to animals that will be provided through a modeling agency.

In addition, a knowledgeable person must be on-site at the location. This can be a zookeeper, a veterinarian, a forester, or the like. The responsible person needs to possess official recognition from the competent veterinary and food surveillance office of their place of residence.

Authorizing authority



Animal protection law of the federal republic of Germany § 11 paragraph 1 Nr. 8b and 8d

"Who (...)

8. commercially, except in the cases of number 1, (...)

b) trade in vertebrates, (...)

d) display animals or make them available for such purposes (...)

requires permission from the relevant authority. For the display of animals at changing locations, the permit according to sentence 1 number 4 or according to sentence 1 number 8 letter d may only be granted insofar as the animals do not belong to a species whose display at changing locations is prohibited on the basis of an ordinance in accordance with paragraph 4 is. (...) "

(Quoted and translated from: Laws on the Internet: § 11 Paragraph 1 No. 8b and 8d of the Animal Welfare Act of the Federal Republic of Germany)