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To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location managers in our database.



Berlins Central Road Traffic Authority requires the submission of traffic signage plans that have been completed to a certain standard, in order to ensure a smooth approval process. It is recommended to ask for professional support from your service provider when it comes to setting up road signage plans. Please note that approval for filming on public roads must be requested with lead time, stating the exact location, time and duration, as well as the type of filming. Should an entire street need to be blocked off, the exact time frame needs to be stated as well. 

Please keep the following instructions for creating a traffic sign plan in mind:

  • Hand sketches will not be approved.
  • The right margin of the traffic signage plan should remain clear for the approval stamp of the Central Road Traffic Authority!
  • Traffic signs need to be displayed with the correspondent reference number and exact position.
  • The start and end area of the scope needs to be marked (arrows).
  • Entries and exits are to be indicated.
  • Disabled parking spaces are to be marked.
  • House numbers (or tree numbers if no house numbers are available) must be given.
  • The north arrow is to be drawn.
  • You need to visit the location in advance, sign the "Declaration of traffic sign plan after site inspection" and send it to the Central Road Traffic Authority.
  • Blockages according to the RSA rule plan must be named.

The following general information must always be included in the free field (see point 2):

  • Applicant company
  • Type of measure including meter details
  • Place of action (name of the street) 
  • Date and duration of the measure 

Best Practice

The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, Dept. VI A - Traffic Management, Central Road Traffic Authority (formerly VLB) gathered a few best practice examples of traffic signage plans: