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To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location manager in our database.



Hardly any other city has as many green spaces as Berlin. More than 2,500 public green and recreational facilities with a total area of ​​around 6,400 ha offer Berliners and tourists a much-used local recreation area. Each district's respective nature conservancy and parks department in cooperation with the Senate Department for Urban Development is responsible for the protection, maintenance and development of the green areas. 

Please note:
Some parks (see list below) are managed by the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH group. 

Applications green areas Berlin

Exceptional permits for filming in green and recreational areas in Berlin are issued by the nature conservation and green space offices of the districts responsible for the location. Depending on the district the aplication deadline might vary between 2-4 weeks before filming starts.


  • In the district of Pankow, the application deadline is always 4 weeks before the start of the activity. 
  • Short-term temporary changes to the application deadlines cannot be ruled out. We will communicate these, as long as we are made aware of them, in the "latest info" section.
  • An administration fee is charged, which is based on the Fee Ordinance.

A revised fee structure for film shoots in green areas comes into force with immediate effect.
The new fees for the use of green spaces are set as follows:

Current report from the Mitte district (as of September 25, 2023)

  • a) Areas up to 100 m²: €85.00
  • b) Areas over 100 m² up to 500 m²: €250.00
  • c) Areas over 500m²: base amount of €400.00 + €0.40 per additional m²

The fee rates apply for the calendar day that has begun.

Please note, that the following items need to be attached to your application:

  • address and availability of the applicant
  • exact information about planned filming time and locations
  • if possible, a script excerpt of the corresponding scene
  • vehicle list and sketch
  • film title/director

The arrangement is associated with additional requirements:

  • All filming activities must be carried out so as to avoid any potential danger to those seeking relaxation or visitors to the green spaces.
  • The used areas must be restored to their original condition after filming is completed.
  • Any damage to pathways and vegetation areas caused by the facility's use will be remedied at the expense of the license holder.

Green areas of Grün Berlin GmbH

If filming is to be carried out in a green and park area managed by the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH group of companies, only the approval of the Grün Berlin GmbH must be obtained. 

This affects the following parks: 

Britzer Garten / Park am GleisdreieckNatur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände / Tempelhofer Feld / Kienbergpark / Spreepark / Gärten der Welt / Park auf dem Nordbahnhof / Dora-Duncker-Park / Hans-Baluschek-Park / Monbijoupark / Invalidenpark / Landschaftspark Gatow


In Brandenburg exceptional permits for filming within green and recreation facilities are given by the local district or local government

Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation

Many of the public parks in the state of Brandenburg and Berlin - but especially in Potsdam - belong to the Stifung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten (Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation).