Current information from the Film Office: Application lead time is presently three weeks (as of October 18, 2022)

"Corona als hits the Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Mobilität, Verbraucher- & Klimaschutz. This unfortunately leads to a longer handling time of applications. The Film Office therefore asks you to consider a three-week application lead time." 


Current information from the film office: the application lead time is currently three weeks (as of July 26, 2021)

Due to current events, the film office asks you to comply with the three-week application lead time. In order to ensure fast processing, the applications must be complete and the traffic sign plan must be submitted carefully. When creating the traffic sign plan, the validity and requirements for roadworks safety (RSA21 - German only) must be observed. (Status: 26.7.2021)


Current delays in filming requests to Berlin's districts foresters (as of 07/062022)

Due to internal restructuring, there are currently major delays in handling film requests at Berlin's district foresters. In addition, the present risk of forest fires as well as the risk of falling branches are leading to refusals of filming permissions on individual locations. We will keep you updated!


Bottleneck at the nature conservancy and parks department of the district Mitte- application deadline temporarily increased to 3 weeks (as of June 23, 2022)

Due to the high volume of applications, the nature, and the conservancy parks department of the district, Mitte asks you to submit applications at least 3 weeks in advance. This will be valid for July and August. We are in touch with Ms. Teumer and will keep you posted when the required term will be shortened!


Important information for filming / events in the district of Potsdam - Mittelmark

The processing of applications for filming / events in the district of Potsdam - Mittelmark is currently around 6 weeks and could increase to a lead time of 6-8 weeks.
The reasons for this are staff shortages with a simultaneous increase in the volume of applications. A first conversation with the district administrator Marco Köhler took place - we'll stay tuned!


For the time being no more filming in the block of flats in Burgemeisterstraße / Ordensmeisterstraße (​​​​​​​Status: 13.05.2022)

FYI: The Te-Damm property (block of flats) on Burgemeisterstraße / Ordensmeisterstraße is unfortunately no longer available for filming until further notice. The responsible district office refers, among other things, to the Misappropriation Act, which is why the management of the property management decided to stop renting to production companies for the time being. We will keep you up to date on the subject. 
(Status: 05/13/2022)

Important message from the district office of Tempelhof-Schöneberg

Due to Corona-related staff shortages and an accreasing application volume at Tempelhof-Schöneberg district, the responsible district office asks for a longer lead time, when submitting applications. If possible, please also avoid making frequent changes to applications, so that the authority can guarantee an overview of the applications.

At the moment the handling of applications that request several film locations at the same time (for the same date) can only be guaranteed to a limited extent. This refers to applications that intend several options in order to enable a very short-term decision for the final film location.
(Status: 04/25/2022)

Important message from the district office in Mitte

The Berlin Roads and Parks Authority of the district Mitte informs that the area around Pohlstrasse 58 (the dead-end) is very tense. No special use stop has been announced at the moment, but we are asking you to use surrounding streets when applying. No stopping zones in Pohlstrasse should also be avoided.
(Status: 05/03/2022)


The Berlin Roads and Parks Authority of the district MItte added a passage to the ancillary provisions of special use permits with immediate effect. This passage is made conditional. You may be asked to provide a necessary evidence to the application process.

  1. The required electrical energy needs to be found in the on site network. If this won‘t be possible, generators are allowed to be used. When using diesel-powered generators, you need to make sure, that they are equipped with a particle reduction system providing a separation efficiency of over 90% for all particle sizes.


Residents complaints about power generators are increasing. Unfortunately, those are often not set up with care by production companies so residents needs to deal with noise as well as odor pollution day and night. As a simple and uncomplicated solution in consulation with the district environment and nature conservation office, the SGA-Mitte of Berlin decided to take this step. Evidence of the requirements can be achieved through the following system certifications:

VERT (Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies - Swiss standards) FAD (Förderkreis Exhaust Aftertreatment Technologies for Diesel Engines) UNECE - Guideline 132 for Retrofit Systems (REC Guideline Level 1, Class 1 and 2)

(Status: 03.03.2022)

No permits for fictional formats from Deutsche Bahn

Due to Corona, Deutsche Bahn does not approve filming for fictional formats until further notice.


Still no permits for filming in public parks in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district

Due to personnel bottlenecks, the responsible road and green area office of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district still does not issue permits for filming in public green spaces.