filming in small teams

Filming on public streets and grounds


In Berlin, the double approval requirement applies, that is, in Berlin, approval is given from a road traffic perspective and, from the owner's perspective, the special use is approved.

For small teams, it is as follows:

Small journalistic film and photo teams that carry out photo or film work on public streets and squares in Berlin and Brandenburg only need a road traffic permit if they hinder public transport, including pedestrian and cyclist traffic. This handicap occurs when the team exceeds 3 - 5 people (Crew & Cast), external structures such as tripods (camera tripod is tolerated), headlights or rails or other measures to prevent traffic. Even a time span of over 3 hours per location no longer falls under the small team regulation.

The owner, ie the district offices, must always be informed regardless of this . All you need to do is send an email stating the company contact details, team size, technology, date, time and location of the planned filming. Depending on the district offices and the effort, it is decided whether a special usage fee will be charged. 

Please note:

If public transport is impaired, filming is subject to approval from the perspective of the road traffic authorities and from the point of view of the owner. In this case, in the case of filming, a general filming permit , the road traffic regulations and the special use permit of the responsible civil engineering department of the respective district, city ​​or district are required . In the case of photographic work, the approval of the responsible civil engineering department is sufficient. In the case of green space use, the approval of the  green space office of the respective Berlin district  or location must also be obtained.
You can find more information on the filming approval process  here .

Filming or taking pictures on private property as well as in private or urban facilities


Permitting is required for filming or photographic work on private property as well as in private or urban facilities. Permits are usually the respective press or marketing departments; in the case of a private property, the owners.

In order to obtain a license, the licensees must be given the following information:

  • Contact details of the applicant,
  • a brief description of the project
  • Desired date with possible alternative dates for the implementation.

Further details are to be clarified with the license holder afterwards.

Popular tourist motifs in Berlin and Brandenburg 

The locations that draw international interest to Berlin are as numerous as they are different. The reason for this lies in the rapid historical and political changes that have shaped this city and its surrounding Brandenburg area and which are reflected above all in architecture, lifestyle, art and cultural institutions.
For filming or photo permits in "tourist" motifs, please contact the relevant press office. 

The tourist country portals of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg are: 

Other important tourist motivators are: 

For further tourism information, please contact the responsible tourism associations of  the respective cities and regions. 

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