Filming on public streets and grounds

Please note

To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. if you need assistance please find a list of production and location manager in our database.


Basic Information

Filming where either several actors participate, objects are placed on public street land, traffic signs or facilities for parking or play areas are required - are subject of approval in Berlin and Brandenburg. 


The general filming permit is the prerequisite for all other filming permits for filming on public streets and can only be issued for the period of insurance cover. The general filming permit is issued by the film office of the Central Road Traffic Authority and is valid for up to two years and applies to all of Berlin - excluding motorways.

The following forms must be submitted to the film office of the Central Road Traffic Authority:


  • 1 day - 50 €
  • 3 month - 120 €
  • 6 month - 200 €
  • 1 year- 300 €

In each individual case, filming must be requested in good time, stating the exact location, time and duration, as well as the type of filming intended. The necessary traffic signs and facilities must be entered in a traffic sign plan and submitted with the application.The general filming permit is combined with additional provisions (in German only).

Good to know:

  • The 96-hour deadline must be observed when setting up stopping restrictions.
  • Filming must not pose a threat to public security or order.
  • The affected residents must be informed of the location, the time and the progress of the filming by throwing broadcasts no later than 3 days before the filming begins. In addition, a contact person with a telephone number must be named on site.
  • The general filming permit must be carried and handed over to responsible persons upon request.
  • Misuse can lead to the revocation of the general filming permit.

Please note:

If the provisions are not met, the police are entitled to postpone the start of the filming until the secondary provisions are met or to stop the filming.

The general filming permit is a prerequisite for an arrangement for putting up stopping bans and other measures, such as interval or full closures. The order is issued by the film office of the central road traffic authority. They will also involve the police and district authorities. Sometimes this has to be done by the production prior to submitting the approval. An administrative fee is charged, which is based on the actual effort of the authority and is specified in the fee schedule for measures in road traffic. The frame fee is between € 10.20 and € 767.00.

We kindly ask you to submit the application as early as possible, at least 2 weeks before the start of the measure. In times with a lot of filming, the deadline can also be extended.

Application forms:


Permission from the owner is generally required for uses of the street country that are related to filming. The civil engineering department of the district offices is responsible for this. The special use is independent of road traffic law and is based on road law. The costs for the fees for the special use of public street land for film work depend on the scope and duration of use and are determined in accordance with the Special Use Fee Ordinance.

Application forms:

The permit is linked to additional provisions:

  • Driving on the sidewalks or installing the motor vehicles must always take place in such a way that the safety and order of public transport is guaranteed at all times.
  • The special user is fully liable for all damage to the road pavement and for all accidents caused by driving on the vehicles.
  • House and shop entrances as well as property entrances must remain accessible at all times so that rescue, fire protection and security measures are not obstructed.
  • The street green (trees, bushes, lawn, etc.) must be protected from damage. A paved pavement area at least 1.50 m wide must be left between the vehicle and these systems.
  • Regardless of one's own fault, the licensee is liable to Berlin for all damage that Berlin incurs in connection with the special use of the public special use license. In case of doubt, any damage incurred is considered to have been caused by the licensee.
  • If third parties raise claims against Berlin in connection with the special use of the public special use license, the license holder must release Berlin upon request and take over the representation of Berlin in a legal dispute.


A special use of the street in the country without a special use permit, as well as violations of the conditions, meets the requirements of an administrative offense, which can be punished with a fine of up to € 10,000.


The Berlin Roads and Parks Authority added a passage to the ancillary provisions of special use permits with immediate effect. This passage is made conditional. You may be asked to provide a necessary evidence to the application process.

  1. The required electrical energy needs to be found in the on site network. If this won‘t be possible, generators are allowed to be used. When using diesel-powered generators, you need to make sure, that they are equipped with a particle reduction system providing a separation efficiency of over 90% for all particle sizes.


Residents complaints about power generators are increasing. Unfortunately, those are often not set up with care by production companies so residents needs to deal with noise as well as odor pollution day and night. As a simple and uncomplicated solution in consulation with the district environment and nature conservation office, the SGA-Mitte of Berlin decided to take this step. Evidence of the requirements can be achieved through the following system certifications:

VERT (Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies - Swiss standards) FAD (Förderkreis Exhaust Aftertreatment Technologies for Diesel Engines) UNECE - Guideline 132 for Retrofit Systems (REC Guideline Level 1, Class 1 and 2)

When filming in a public green area, a permit from the responsible green areas office is also required. Please see Filming in public green spaces.


For filming at night (10 p.m. to 6 p.m.) as for filming on Sundays and public holidays, a permit is required from the responsible environmental office in the district of the location. Please see filming in protection periods.


In the state of Brandenburg, the general filming permit is issued by the respective lower traffic authority of the district, at which the application for a single filming permit is submitted - there is no general permission beyond the actual filming as in Berlin.

The prerequisite for the application for individual approval is the proof of production liability insurance for the project and the declaration of exemption. (In German only)

The required street legal special use permit according to  §46 (1) StVO is given by the responsible lower road traffic authority of the respective district, the city or the large city of the filming location. The application must be made at least 14 days before filming begins. An administrative fee is charged, which is based on the actual effort of the authority and is specified in the fee schedule for measures in road traffic.

The arrangement is associated with secondary provisions:

  • The location is to be kept clear with no signs of stopping and the necessary additional signs and to be set up at least 96 hours before it begins to take effect. The time limit and the length of the prohibited section are to be limited to the absolutely necessary minimum.
  • Contradictory signage must be covered.
  • The sign must be removed immediately after completion.
  • Technology must not be stored in the street.
  • Coordination with other uses in the area is necessary and residents must be informed of the measure at least three days in advance.
  • Contamination of the street country due to the filming must be removed immediately.
  • For work after 7:00 p.m., the requirements of the environmental department must be observed.

The respective district and local authorities are responsible for the approval of filming in the public space of the State of Brandenburg .