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General information on the forms

Application forms for filming in Berlin and Brandenburg are available for download here. The completed and signed applications can be emailed directly to the relevant authorities.


Please note

To receive filming permits, the forms must be filled out in German. If you need assistance please find a list of production and location manager in our database.



Contacts: authorities

Shortened form for mini teams (5 people max.) who do not need a permit under road traffic law.


The three forms for the general filming permit as a basic requirement for applying for a single permit from the road traffic authority are as follows:

Information on the minimum insured amount that is required in accordance with the federal administrative regulation on the Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO) Section 29 (2) can be found here:  General Administrative Regulation on the Road Traffic Ordinance (VwV-StVO)

Forms for applying for the single road traffic authority permit as well as the special use permit from the responsible civil engineering office. The film office of the Central Road Traffic Authority and the responsible civil engineering department work with the same forms. (In German only)


Filming in public green spaces

Further information at:

The following information must be included on the resident information letter:

  • Production company including name of the project
  • Day(s) of filming including address, subject and dates, if necessary time (for night filming)
  • No-parking zones including address range and validity
  • Blockings including address range, period, blocking interval
  • Contact person: in production including telephone number

In particularly busy neighborhoods, the designation of alternative parking spaces for residents is increasingly becoming a permit requirement. This should be noted in the list of no-parking restrictions.

If necessary, the following information should also be kindly provided:

  • Emergency vehicles in general and blue light use in particular
  • SFX such as shots, wetdown, smoke, fire, pyrotechnics etc.
  • Loud scenes such as chases, shouting, etc.
Filming with emergency lights


Contacts: authorities

Road traffic regulation

The general filming permit as well as the special road use permit according to § 46 (1) StVO is issued or issued in Brandenburg by the respective lower road traffic authority.

Special use permit - civil engineering office of the Berlin district

The local governments are responsible for approving filming in the public space of the state of Brandenburg.

There is no special form. Please use the one for public roads.

There is no special form. Please use the one for public roads.

The local governments are responsible for approving filming in the public space of the state of Brandenburg.


Useful tools: info maps / road guide ... (in German only)

Kauperts - Berlin Street Guide
Here you can easily find the official jurisdiction of any address in Berlin as well as the districts, police departments, etc.

Berlin Traffic Information Center - VIZ
Official information on current traffic conditions, construction sites and disruptions, restrictions on local public transport, etc.

Geo basis data online -
Detailed online map tool for Berlin

FIS-Broker (
Choose from many card overlays on various topics. Often used as a standard for traffic sign plans:

  • ALKIS Berlin b/w (Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System) Unnecessary information can easily be hidden.

FIS-Broker Planable Events ( - Construction sites
Here you can see the construction sites/closures currently taking place on public roads and their expected duration.

FIS-Broker street parking spaces within the ring ( – parking spaces

Parking zones, loading zones, taxi areas, and special bus lanes for central Berlin are shown here.

FIS-Broker street inspection 2014 ( – power boxes, fire hydrants, street furniture, 2014. Detailed map display (unfortunately a bit outdated). 

Digital platform city traffic - Berlin - current traffic jam reports for Berlin

Berlin 3D - Download portal (
Satellite 3D mesh map of Berlin in real-time with a download function – property maps nationwide

Geodata Brandenburg
This website gives you access to property land registry maps and other topic-related maps.

BRANDENBURGVIEWER ( – Cadastral and geodata Brandenburg

ELWIS-Viewer ( - Waterways
Display of moorings, locks, exact name of the waterway section, etc.

Protection areas in Germany (
Precise designation of nature reserves, Natura 2000, landscape protection areas, etc. Be sure to take this into account before looking for locations in forests and nature!!