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Latest info!

  • Due to personnel bottlenecks, the responsible road and green area office of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district still does not issue permits for filming in public green spaces.
  • Due to Corona, Deutsche Bahn does not approve filming for fictional formats until further notice.
  • Please note that the application deadlines can be extended due to corona-related staff stortages at the authorities!
  • The application deadline at the central road traffic authority is actually extendet up to 3 weeks!

This page provides you with a variety of forms that you need to apply for filming permits in Berlin and Brandenburg. Which form you will need can be find out here. 

Please note:

There are currently no standardized application forms for all required filming permits.


Please download the forms again for each application, as the email fields and / or fax numbers in the active fields are constantly changing!

Information on the minimum insured amount that is required in accordance with the federal administrative regulation on the Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO) Section 29 (2) can be found here:  General Administrative Regulation on the Road Traffic Ordinance (VwV-StVO)

In contrast to Berlin, the state of Brandenburg does not require a general filming permit as a basic requirement for the individual filming permit.
The required street legal special use  permit according to  § 46 (1) StVO is given by the responsible lower road traffic authority of the district, the independent city or the large city belonging to the district of the filming location.

Application forms: filming on public streets and grounds (Brandenburg) / in German language

special use of public space (Brandenburg)

The respective district and local authorities are responsible for the approval of filming in the public space of the State of Brandenburg. Please contact the responsible office:   district and local government  / special use of public space.


Applications for night shoots to the district office of Lichtenberg in Berlin / Environment and Nature Conservation Office, Department of Environment, please use the online form: 

Application forms for filming with children and adolescents (Berlin) / in German only

Form and information flyer about filming with children (Brandenburg) / in German only

Instructions for completion


You go to the respective form that you need for your application. The page opens, which you can fill out and print, or download online. After that you only need to sign the application and send it with the selected email address or, if not available, to the fax number of the responsible authority.
If there are difficulties or problems with handling, please let us know by  email  . We are also happy to receive suggestions and criticism of any kind!

Note: The forms can only be opened with Acrobat Reader. You can download this program free of charge from the Internet. Link to the Adobe page

Important Information:
You need special software to fill out and save a PDF form. The simple Acrobat Reader is not enough. There are programs from Adobe (e.g. Adobe Pro7) or free software, for example CIB image .
Simply install the program on your computer. Then download the desired form (PDF) and save it on your computer.
Now open the saved form with the program and fill it out.

Save first. Then open the document with the program and edit it!
You can interrupt the process at any time by saving the form in between. After opening the form again, you can continue editing.

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